Five-year Action Agenda

Civil society looks to the next HLD in 2013 with great hope and expectations to find longer term solutions, commitments and institutional changes that address migration comprehensively at the global level. Beginning in the civil society working sessions of the 2012 Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in Mauritius and the World Social Forum on Migration in the Philippines in November 2012, over 100 national, regional and international civil society organizations have submitted a proposal to UN Member States, which envisions an Action Agenda coming out of the HLD for a period of 5 years with benchmarks, mechanisms and monitoring (the proposal is available in English, French and Spanish).

The Action Agenda proposes a framework around a limited set of key issues where there is a broad sense that progress is, ambitiously but reasonable achievable. Taking forward all of the 5 year Action Agenda and adding a theme on engaging migrants and diaspora as entrepreneurs, social investors and policy advocates in development, the Civil Society preparations and Interactive Hearings at UN headquarters on July 15 will be geared towards the 8 action items, around 4 thematic clusters:

 On Labour and Mobility

  1. Regulating the migrant labour recruitment industry and labour mobility mechanisms
  2. Guaranteeing the labour rights of migrants.

On Rights and Protection

  1. Addressing protection needs of migrants stranded in distress, including migrants in transit
  2. Addressing vulnerabilities, rights and empowerment of women and children in the context of human mobility

On Human Development, Diaspora Action

  1. Ensuring migrants’ and migration’s rightful place on the post-2015 development agenda (i.e. in the “next generation” of Millennium Development Goals)
  2. Engaging migrants and diaspora as entrepreneurs, social investors and policy advocates in development

On Migration Governance and Partnerships

  1. Promoting the implementation of national legislation reflecting international standards regarding migrants and their families (in particular with regards to enforcement policies, social protection and due process)
  2. Redefining the interactions of international mechanisms for migrants’ rights protection

Thematic groups

Thematic groups of civil society organizations, led by members of HLD Civil Society Steering Committee, prepared 2-paged position papers on each of these eight themes.

During the preparatory meetings organized for and by civil society on 13-14 July, a draft resource paper containing these positions papers along with previous relevant recommendations on the different themes made during the GFMD Civil Society Days was shared with all participants, as a starting point for the discussions. You can download the draft resource paper here.

Please contact us if you would like to contribute to one of these thematic groups.

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