Unfortunately, the Interactive Hearings (15 July) and High-level Dialogue (3-4 October) have already passed. If you were unable to attend and would still like to be heard, please send us, the HLD Civil Society Steering Committee, your ideas, thoughts and documents, and we will do our utmost to incorporate them into our messages to governments (specifically, within the context of the Global Forum on Migration and Development, held annually). Also, consider contacting your government, or linking up with activities taking place in your region.

Participation at the Interactive Hearings and HLD

More than 300 representatives of grass roots, regional and international civil society organizations from over 70 countries met with 100 governments, UN agencies and other international organizations at both the Interactive Hearings in New York (15 July) and the High-Level Dialogue (3-4 October). Find the full participants list for the Interactive Hearings here and for the High-level Dialogue here.

Participation criteria

Registration for both events, the Hearings on 15 July and the HLD on 3-4 October, was open to all sectors of civil society, including diaspora and migrant organizations, human rights and development groups, labour organizations, academic institutions and the private sector. Organizations in consultative status with ECOSOC and organizations without such status both needed to register before the 22nd of May.

The Resolution (67/219) that was adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 2012 specified that organizations not in consultative status with ECOSOC wanting to participate in either or both events will had to be approved by UN Member States on a “non-objection basis” before the 15th of June.

Find here the organizations that have successfully pre-registered to participate in the Hearings and the HLD.

Registered Organizations

Organizations in consultative status with ECOSOC.

Organizations not in consultative status with ECOSOC.