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In New York, civil society’s was struck by the enormous convergence on many of the critical issues in migration and development. The match-up is striking between UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moons’ “8 point action agenda”, global civil society’s “8-point Plan” for collaboration with states, Peter Sutherland’s 10 points and IOM’s 6 points, as well as the Mexican-facilitated milestone Declaration that UN Member States adopted unanimously at the HLD. 

A one-page matrix which presents that convergence can be downloaded here.

The widest convergence centered on 6 issues:

  1. Adding specific references, targets and indicators regarding migration and diaspora in the post-2015 development agenda when the current “Millennium Development Goals” expire.
  2. Collecting and advancing existing principles and practices in an organized operational framework for providing protection and assistance to migrants in crises, beginning with conflict and disaster situations (though civil society continues to strongly push to encompass migrant victims of trauma and violence in transit.).  
  3. Reforming the migrant worker recruitment industry.  Civil society noted repeated references by states at the HLD to the importance of this issue.
  4. Promoting the ratification and effective implementation of the new ILO Domestic Workers Convention (C 189).
  5. Addressing the needs of children in the context of migration, and in particular the plight of unaccompanied children and structuring alternatives to detention of children.
  6. Reducing the costs of migration