Key Documents

  • Civil Society’s 5 Year, 8 Point Action Agenda: E F S
  • Declaration of the High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development. Available here in all UN official languages: A C E F R S
    (draft resolution submitted by the President of the General Assembly)
  • HLD 2013 Matrix of Multi-stakeholder Convergence
  • Press release on the HLD Interactive Hearings in July

Documents by the HLD Civil Society Steering Committee

Documents from the United Nations and Member States

Other documents by civil society networks and organizations

Reports from the regional and thematic consultations

  • Consolidated Global Report from the Regional Consultations
  • Declaration 4th Forum on Migration and Peace, “Human security, human development and international governance of migration” (20 – 21 June, New York)
  • Africa: Nairobi, Kenya 24-25 May, led by the Pan-African Network in Defense of Migrants Rights (PANiDMR). Read the report: English  French
  • Asia-Pacific: Bangkok, Thailand 26-29 May, led by Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA) and Building & Woodworkers International (BWI).  Read the report: English
  • Europe: Athens, Greece 5-6 June, organized by the Transnational Migrant Platform (TMP). Read the report: English
  • Canada-US: Washington DC, USA on 7 June, co-organized by the AFL-CIO, CLC (Canadian Labour Congress), NALACC (National Alliance of Latin American & Caribbean Communities) and NNIRR (National Network of Immigrant & Refugee Rights). Read the report: English
  • Latin America and the Caribbean: Santiago, Chile 10-11 July, organized by United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC): Spanish
  • South-America: Sao Paulo, Brazil 17-21 June, led by Espacio Sin Fronteras (ESF).  Read the report: Spanish
  • West-Asia: Amman, Jordan 2-3 July, led by Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA). Read the report: English  Arabic

National Consultations

  • MexicoNALACC (National Alliance of Latin American & Caribbean Communities), together with Colectivo PND Migraciones in Mexico, organized a Webinar for Mexican civil society on May 31. Read the outcome documents: RROCM (Spanish)  Colectivo PND-Migracion (English)

The submitted position documents for the Interactive Hearings are also listed together on a separate page.

Panelists statements made during the Interactive Hearings can be found here.