Across the world civil society networks and organizations are organizing preparations and consultations among themselves and with governments around the thematic Action Agenda. The indicative map below shows some of these meetings taking place in the coming months. Click on the event to see more details.

Are you organizing a meeting in preparation to the UN High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development? Send us the details and we can add it to the map.

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Regional Consultations

Led by the Global Coalition on Migration and its partners in the regions, a series of regional consultations are planned. If you would like to be involved in any of these, contact the organizers directly, by clicking on their names. For further information see:

To see the full Consolidated Global Report of these meetings click here.

  • Africa: Nairobi, Kenya – 24-25 May, led by the Pan-African Network in Defense of Migrants Rights (PANiDMR). Contact: Milka Isinta and Nunu Kidane Read the report: English pdf  French pdf
  • Asia-Pacific: Bangkok, Thailand on 26-29 May, led by Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA) and Building & Woodworkers International (BWI). Contact: Agnes Matienzo and William Gois Read the report: Read the report:
  • Europe: Athens, Greece on 5-6 June, organized by the Transnational Migrant Platform (TMP). Contact: Jille Bellisario Read the report: English pdf
  • Canada-US: Washington DC, USA on 7 June, co-organized by the AFL-CIO, CLC (Canadian Labour Congress), NALACC (National Alliance of Latin American & Caribbean Communities) and NNIRR (National Network of Immigrant & Refugee Rights). Contact: Cathi Tactaquin or Amy Shannon Read the report: English pdf
  • South-America: Sao Paulo, Brazil on 17-21 June, led by Espacio Sin Fronteras (ESF). Contact: Patricia Gainza or Paulo Illes Read the report: Spanish pdf
  • West-Asia: Amman, Jordan early July led by Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA). Contact: William Gois Read the report: English pdf  Arabic pdf

National Consultations

In various regions and countries national civil society consultations are being organized, with and without governments. A few of the meetings taking place include:

  • MexicoNALACC (National Alliance of Latin American & Caribbean Communities), together with Colectivo PND Migraciones in Mexico, is organizing a Webinar for Mexican civil society on May 31. Read the outcome documents: RROCM Spanish pdf  Colectivo PND-Migracion English pdf
  • Asia-Pacific: by Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA) and national partners are organizing national consultations in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, South Korea, Thailand
  • UK, National and Regional Civil Society Consultations: Diaspora and development organization AFFORD UK organizes a series of national and regional private and public briefings and meetings among others with UK Parliamentarians, and, in partnership with the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), the African Diaspora Development Days on 6 July in London and 7 July in Edinburgh. Click here for more information
  • Switzerland: see thematic meetings

Thematic Consultations

  • European Diaspora Conference, 3-5 May, Soesterberg, the Netherlands, “Connecting Diaspora for Development”, organized by the Diaspora Forum for Development (DFD) with the support of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the Dutch Consortium of Migrant Organizations (DCMO), Forum des Organisations de Solidarité Internationale issues de Migrations. Contact by e-mail
  • Joint Reflections on Migration and Development, 30-31 May, Geneva, Switzerland organized by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Programme for the Study of Global Migration, multistakeholder meeting with Swiss and international civil society, governments and international organizations. Contact by e-mail
  • 4th Forum on Migration and Peace, 20 – 21 June, New York – organized by the Scalabrini International Migration Network, co-organized by the permanent representation of Mexico to the UN, and assisted by the Mayor’s Office on Immigration Affairs of New York on “Human security, human development and international governance of migration”. For further information see: and read the Declaration here: pdf
  • Diaspora & Development Roundtable, 27 – 28 June, Eschborn, Germany, “Preparing for the 2013 UN High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development”, organized by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development, with the support of the Swiss and German government, and in association with ICMC. Contact by e-mail

Thematic groups

Thematic groups of civil society organizations, led by members of HLD Civil Society Steering Committee are preparing 2-paged position papers on the eight themes on the Action Agenda, to present to governments during (and after) the Interactive Hearings.

During the preparatory meetings organized for an by civil society on 13-14 July, a draft resource paper containing these positions papers along with previous relevant recommendations on the different themes made during the GFMD Civil Society Days was shared with all participants, as a starting point for the discussions. You can download the draft resource paper here.

Please contact us if you would like to contribute to one of these thematic groups.

New York Mobilization

In pursuit of justice and equal treatment for all migrants and members of their families, and in the tradition of the People’s Global Action on Migration, Development, and Human Rights, migrants, migrants’ rights advocates, trade union representatives, members, partners and allies of the Global Coalition on Migration will converge in New York City from October 1-4, parallel to the UN High-level Dialogue on Migration & Development. For more information, click here.