United for Change at UN High-level Hearings

Global civil society invites governments to 5 year collaboration on international migration and development.
For only the second time in history, the UN General Assembly brought civil society leaders and networks from around the world to New York on 15 July to present their experience and recommendations to governments in Interactive Hearings regarding international migration and development. Read more...


Ever since national frontiers were invented, people have been crossing them – not just to visit foreign countries, but to live and work there. In doing so, they have almost always taken risks, driven by a determination to overcome adversity and to live a better life. Those aspirations have always been the motors of human progress. Historically, migration has improved the well being, not only of individual migrants, but of humanity as a whole.”

- Kofi Annan
Former Secretary-General of the United Nations, in the lead-up to the HLD 2006

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